First Saint John's Evangelical Lutheran Church

Music Program

Minister of Music Photo
Minister of Music
Ken Sanders

Music is an important vehicle for communicating the Word of God. When we sing and play instruments in worship, we are preachers -- we are ministers! Music is the liturgy is proclamation, not entertainment.

God has richly blessed us all with a variety of talents and skills. When we use these gifts in the service of the church, we are offering ourselves and out time to God. Yes, that does mean sacrifice and hard work. It means giving and commitment. It may not always be convenient, but you will Experience joy in Christian fellowship and service!

God's people of all ages can serve in the music ministry at First Saint Johns. Won't yu make the commitment and join us?

Adult Choir

The adult choir is the primary choir of the curch, providing choral music at the worship services from September through May. The choir practice is on Wednesdays at 6:30 P.M. at the church in the Bible Study Room. Warm-up is 30 minutes before the services we sing in. The choir works hard preparing anthems and occasional larger works. They also have a lot of fun! All adults (and teenagers) with the ability to "carry a tune" and the desire to make music to the Lord are welcome.


Other instrumetalists are encouraged to get that old instrument out, start practicing and let us know of your talent. Instrumentalists are a welcome addition to our worship services, individually or in ensembles, and will be used as often as may be available. Let us know who you are. We'd love to have you!